Headlight Number Plate Clock - Autographed


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Headlight Number Plate Clock – Autographed



Paul will be attending the Trailblazers banquet this Saturday in Carson CA. This is the 75th anniversary event. Paul will have approximately fifteen of the Preston Petty autographed headlight clocks with him. We produced a very limited number of these clocks which will make a great conversation piece and also help the legend himself Preston Petty (100% of profits go direct to Preston)

If in the area and care to purchase one please text him 401-595-3909 or email to make meeting location. Preston will also be attending the Trailblazers banquet so be sure to come by and say hello!

All autographed headlight clocks are being sold for $125.00 and will be available Saturday April 6th at the Carson Center in Carson CA

Out of stock

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Preston Petty HLNP Clock-autographed by Preston Petty!!

LIMITED EDITION PRESTON PETTY CLOCK….half of the inventory is already gone on this autographed collectors piece

Headlight Numberplate Clock assembly complete in Bultaco Blue color. Yes these have the Preston Petty logo cast into them just like the originals did.

We have a very limited number of blue (Preston’s favorite color) autographed headlights that have minor blemishes. We are turning these headlight cowls into clocks where 100% of the profits go directly to Preston!

  100% of the profits from the clock sales go to Preston Petty directly!!





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