Send us your photos for a quarterly chance at a 1 year subscription to VMX Magazine!

Keep them coming… We have received many great shots thank you! We will choose one bike each quarter that will be featured in our ½ page advertisement in VMX Magazine. If we choose your bike we will offer you a full one years subscription to VMX Magazine send us your photos today! Ken Smith, editor of VMX Magazine has suggested the photos be submitted in this style –“Bikes preferably shot at a bit of an angle (3/4 sort of shot rather than completely side-on) with a nice background and with the resolution as high as possible.” – Ken

Send pictures of your bikes with our new Preston Petty Products® to

Customers reviews

All look the best with Preston Petty, should come stock on all new bikes​
Mario B
Wow thanks. All our bikes look awesome with Preston Petty products on them
Phil Palmers Bike
Phil P
Thanks for bringing back such a great product! ​
Best made. Most durable. Great on vintage and post vintage motorcycles but work well on modern bikes too
Dwight Ruder
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